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Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Getting New Information This Week?

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet were the big news coming out of Pokemon Day back in late February. And though we only got a glimpse of what is coming, and what may be coming, fans were needless to say anticipating what would happen in the upcoming generation of Pokemon. The game is very much anticipated, and while a late 2022 release date is manageable enough to wait on, the need for information about the title is palpable. Thankfully, we might be getting some more soon!

This comes not from us, but the Japanese show PokeDoke 4, who claims that the “latest information on the Pokemon games” will be revealed in the upcoming episode. Obviously, that could mean something different entirely, but, at the very least, it’s enticing.

As for what we do know, we know that like Pokemon Legends Arceus before it, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet will be a much more open-world experience. They even note that the cities and paths in this game are more open and connected than ever before. We also appear to be in a region that is very much like Spain. Complete with beaches of a grand nature, certain familiar architecture, and so on.

And of course, we know about the three starter Pokemon via Sprigatito, Fuecoco & Quaxly, who are already getting loyal fanbases just based on their looks.

Outside of that? We don’t know much, and the fact that the games have gone back to color names after so long might be a tease as to what is coming as well. Because the original games (Red, Blue, Yellow) were more about the adventure than the legendary Pokemon you met along the way. Only in the second generation and beyond did the Legendaries get the box art.

And we haven’t even seen a tease of a Legendary Pokemon from the yet-unnamed 9th region, so perhaps that’s something we may learn about soon as well!