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Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Gets Special Gameplay Reveal

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Are you excited for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet? Most people are, and for very understandable reasons at that. The game is not only going to bring the ninth generation of Pokemon to life, but have a truly open-world title for fans to go around in, all the while ensuring that you’ll have a lot of choices and a variety of ways to play it compared to other Pokemon titles. But, if you’re hoping for new information about it, you’re in luck. Because at the Pokemon World Championships, we got some new information indeed!

As you’ll notice in the gameplay trailer below, we got a new Pokemon reveal in Cyclizar, a Dragon/Normal-Type Pokemon that is a Ride Pokemon, and apparently has been one for a VERY long time. Just saying. It’s going to be interesting to see if this Pokemon is connected to the legendary Pokemon that are in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, as they do look a lot alike.


We also got some new items that’ll help improve your strategies. Such as with the Mirror Herb, whom you will feed to your Pokemon, and then get them the same stat boosts that the opposite Pokemon has at the time. Then, the Loaded Dice will allow your multi-hit moves (Fury Attack, Arm Thrust, etc.) to hit more times than not.

Another aspect of the trailer was the focus on the Terastallizing of Pokemon within the region. As this will once again give your Pokemon a power boost, but also at times, a different Pokemon type entirely. Ensuring that you can have multiple strategies with a Pokemon depending on how they use this new ability.

We’re less than three months away from the games coming out, so you can expect more updates like this to happen as the release date looms.