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Pokemon Releases Special PokeToon Cartoon


One could argue that in the last year or so the Pokemon franchise has expanded in many special ways that have been pleased fans and made even the most long-term of fans feel like they’re watching or playing something new. The Pokemon Sword and Shield games were a drastic change of many things in the Pokemon core franchise, and it’s now one of the best-selling games on the Switch. The recently ended (in America) Pokemon Sun and Moon anime pushed the franchise to many more mature storylines which fans loved. Pokemon Twilight Wings shocked many with its depth and beauty of both animation and short stories. But now, The Pokemon Company may have topped themselves with the arrival…of PokeToon.

Which I’m sure raises the question of “What is PokeToon?” Well as noted it’s an official thing from the Pokemon Company that was released on Pokemon Kids TV that feels very reminiscent of the Looney Tunes franchise. The original cartoons to be clear, not more recent series. The first of these “retro” cartoons features Scraggy and Mimikyu. The former of whom is trying to eat some beans and hijinks commence. Hijinks that eventually brings in Mimikyu for hilarious effect.

From the visual style, to the use of music to time various things, it really does feel like an old Looney Tunes cartoon, just with Pokemon, and the overall response to this has been incredibly positive.

In fact, many hope that they continue to do these cartoons because they’re not only funny, and different from the other two anime series currently out there, but with literally hundreds of Pokemon to choose from, the number of ideas for plots are virtually infinite.

How long this will actually go remains to be seen, but with how popular the franchise is, this could just be the beginning of something special.