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Pokemon Master Journeys Teases Return Of Mega Evolution

Pokemon Master Journeys

Pokemon continues to shine as an anime, and currently, fans in Japan and across the world are enjoying the latest adventures via Pokemon Journeys/Pokemon Master Journeys. Japan is obviously ahead of the rest of the world in terms of the episode premieres, and as such, various little tidbits have been shown of what is to come in the journey of Ash and Goh, including Ash finally getting to use a power that he’s never used before: Mega Evolution!

For those who don’t recall, Mega Evolution was a mechanic introduced in Pokemon X&Y. It’s when certain Pokemon can use an item called a “Mega Stone” to obtain a temporary super form. Ash saw this in action during his own journey though, including in Journeys when he faced his old friend Korrina. But as teased in the video below, it’s his turn to get it done with his own Lucario as he faces his Galarian rival in Bea.

This is cool for various reasons, not the least of which is that his rivalry with Bea has been a highlight of Pokemon Journeys, as she is a tough gym leader with mastery of fighting-type Pokemon. Ash and his Ryolu had to go and prove themselves worth to her and they did so in their last match when it ended in a draw. But now, Ash is no doubt going to “go beyond” to beat her and a Gigantamax Machamp that she has by bringing Mega Evolution into the mix.

The teaser also shows off some other cool things, including the return of the Sinnoh Pokemon Champion Cythnia, the appearance of the legendary Hoenn Pokemon Regirock, and more.

Pokemon Master Journeys has released its first 12 episodes of the series on Netflix, so go check those out and stay tuned for when the next set debuts.