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Pokemon Master Journeys Released English Dub Theme Song

Pokemon Master Journeys

Fans here in the west are eagerly awaiting the arrival of Pokemon Master Journeys, which is set to be the next big step in the Pokemon anime franchise. Pokemon Journeys started last year with a bang and absolutely helped change how we perceive the Pokemon franchise as a whole in terms of its shows. It “ended” after 48 episodes on Netflix and Master Journeys is where things will pick up for both Ash and Goh.

In Japan, the anime is still going on and going strong, but it hasn’t come out in the west yet…outside of Canada. Yes, the 49th episode has already released in Canada for some odd reason but regardless of that reason, there have been some tidbits released about what Pokemon Master Journeys will be like. Including its theme song. It’s called “A Journey To Your Heart”, and you can hear and watch it below.

No doubt people will debate if that’s better than “The Journey Starts Today” that kicked off Pokemon Journeys, but it’s all in good fun.

Part of the reason why Master Journeys is so anticipated is because of all the details we know from the subbed version in Japan. For example, Ash is still trying to make his way up through the ranks of the World Coronation Series, and that will lead to him meeting some old friends like Iris from Unova.

Furthermore, another old friend of Ash’s will return via Gary Oak, who is going to be with Ash and Goh as they search for the legendary Moltres as well as trying to find Mew! Other teases that we’ve gotten included looks at the Crown Tundra, a few other legendary Pokemon that are going to be popping up, and more!

Hopefully with its release in Canada, this means that Pokemon Master Journeys will be coming to the rest of the West soon enough.