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Pokemon Master Journeys Has Arrived On Netflix

Pokemon Master Journeys

There have been a lot of things going on in the animated world of Pokemon as of late. A new miniseries called “Pokemon Evolutions” has started, the Poketoon series is dishing out new episodes (including a new one about a Gengar released the other day), the new Pokemon movie is coming out next month, and now, the next step in the main series has arrived. Because Netflix has finally released the first set of episodes for Pokemon Master Journeys!

Just like with the previous entry, Pokemon Journeys, the first part of Pokemon Master Journeys features 12 episodes that continue the adventures of Ash Ketchum and his current traveling companion in Goh. The previous entry had them traveling across the whole Pokemon world as we know it (Kanto to Galar) to learn more about Pokemon. Goh is trying to catch one of every Pokemon while Ash is trying to enter the Master Class of the World Coronation Series.

Many fans are excited for what this new entry will bring into the anime for various reasons. Not the least of which is that leaks and reveals from Japan have shown many interesting things. Such as the catching of a Suicune, the return of fan-favorite characters like Gary Oak, Iris and Dawn, and the journey into the Crown Tundra. As well as fights with legendary Pokemon like Moltres and Darkrai!

Now, of course, 12 episodes won’t be that much for fans to enjoy at first. But like with Pokemon Journeys, Netflix is aiming to release new episodes about every 3 months so that the Japanese run can continue ahead while being localized here.

But if Pokemon Journeys is any indication, Master Journeys is going to be something special as well. So head on over to Netflix to start your own journey back into the world of Pokemon!