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Pokemon Journeys Updates Opening To Feature Master Class Teases

Pokemon Journeys

While we here in the West are patiently waiting for new episodes of Pokemon (as they’re done now in “batches” via Netflix owning their rights…), in Japan, they’re gearing up for the actual end of this particular series. Pokemon Journeys has been going on for quite some time now, and the journeys of both Ash and Goh are heading toward a climax. For Ash, that means going into the Master Class of the World Coronation Series and fighting the literal best in the current Pokemon world.

As fans who have seen the subtitled versions of the episode have noted, there have been some key additions to the opening for the show. As you’ll see in the tweets below, we get multiple glimpses and teases of the Master Class, who’s in it, and how important it is in Ash’s current journey.

If you don’t know, the Master Class have eight trainers in it. Ash is one, the rest are fan-favorite characters via Lance, Steven, Cynthia, Iris, Diantha, Alain, and Leon.

As you can guess, with these champion-level contenders (as well as past friends and rivals to Ash), you can bet that these fights to determine the new champion are going to be intense. Including potentially a fight between Ash and Leon (come on, you know we’re going to get it!) between the Gigantamax Charizard and Ash’s Mega Evolved Lucario.

But even with that being the “climax” more than likely of this event, we’re still going to see some epic battles featuring the other 6 combatants as well.

How it will all end, and what final surprises await Ash on this part of his journey is unknown. Plus, don’t forget that Goh and Chloe are have their own adventures to complete. So stay tuned for more Pokemon Journeys info, there’s going to be a lot coming soon!