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Pokemon Journeys Translation Teasing Sobble Evolution?

Pokemon Journeys, Netflix

In the world of Pokemon, evolution is a natural state in which Pokemon grow to such a level that they are able to take on a new form and become stronger in the process. The Pokemon anime series has beautifully shown all the ways that evolution can work and the joy that it often brings trainers and Pokemon when it happens. For trainers like Ash, it’s a major step in their journey. For his newest friend Goh in Pokemon Journeys, it’s a way to help fill up his Pokedex faster.

Sure enough, Goh has already had several Pokemon evolve in his party, including his first true Pokemon catch in Scorbunny which evolved into Cinderrace in the Sword/Shield arc that recently arrived on Netflix. But as for his other Galar starter Pokemon in Sobble, it remains in its base form…for now. Because a new translated page from the Pokemon magazine CoroCoro seems to point to an evolution on the horizon for Sobble.

Granted, this doesn’t go and prove that it’ll happen, but it’s certainly teasing it, and it would line up with Goh’s journey of trying to catch all the Pokemon in the world. Not to mention, as good as Sobble is, Inteleon isn’t just a braver Pokemon, but a much more powerful one. And truth be told, real-life Pokemon trainers prefer the cooler sniper-style Inteleon to the rather weepy Sobble.

Pokemon Journeys has been having a lot of evolutions recently and new teases of what’s to come are teasing even more. Including Goh getting a Scizor (the evolved form of Scyther) and more. Plus, he might be completing his Galar starter “set” by getting Grookey, and thus it goes to reason that it’ll evolve before too long as well.

Part 4 of Journeys is on Netflix right now, so go check it out if you haven’t already!