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Pokemon Journeys Teases Return Of Kanto Gym Leader

Pokemon Journeys, Netflix

Without a doubt, one of the hooks of Pokemon Journeys and its American sequel Pokemon Master Journeys is that Ash Ketchum is not just on a new journey with his new pal Goh, but he’s getting to revisit all the regions he’s been to before (along with visiting the Galar region for the first time) and along the way, he gets to see a lot of familiar faces. We’ll the US and beyond are still waiting for Master Journeys to return, Japan is continuing to drop new episodes, and showcase who’s coming back.

In this case, episode 94 of Journeys is going to feature the return of Kanto Gym Leader Erika. For those who don’t remember her, she’s the gym leader who refused to fight Ash at first because he made some insulting remarks about perfume, and only got her gym badge because he saved her Pokemon Gloom from a fire caused by Team Rocket. So it’s interesting that she would be coming back. Below is the teaser trailer for the episode.

Episode 94 of Pokemon Journeys: The Series is titled “Heracross Loss, Lovey Dovey Pinsir” and the synopsis for the episode describes it as such, “A [Lilligant] has just arrived in [Cerise Laboratory], and Heracross has become attracted to it. [Pinsir] gets saddened at the sight of this, since it’s in love with Heracross. The depressed [Pinsir] starts thinking that things might’ve been different if it had a pretty flower too, so [Ash and Goh] decide to take it along as they accompany [Chloe] to a ‘Pokemon flower arrangement class’ held by [Celadon City’s Gym Leader Erika] in order to cheer it up. Will [Pinsir] manage to win Heracross’ attention?”

More than likely…yes, but you never know with this show. And there are more cameos no doubt on the way…as the journey continues.