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Pokemon Journeys Teaser Shows Arrival of Grookey

Pokemon Journeys, Netflix

Here in the Western side of the world, Pokemon Journeys fans are “on hold” in regards to getting the next batch of episodes. But over in Japan, new episodes are still being released at a good clip. or at least, for the most part. And the teaser for an upcoming episode of the show is teasing the arrival of the final Galar starter Pokemon and where it might end up, and it’s honestly with the trailer you might expect given previous episodes.

You see, while it’s true that Pokemon Journeys has been working to break some of the traditions of the anime overall, there are some traditions that just make sense to keep. One of them being that the new starter Pokemon from the newest Pokemon game are going to show up and get caught. Originally, Ash would catch them all, then later on they were spread out between him and his companions. And in Journeys, Ash’s new partner Goh has already gotten a Scorbunny and a Sobble. Which leaves the Grass-Type Pokemon Grookey left. In March, Grookey will make his debut.

This is an interesting thing because this Grookey seems to already have a trainer and yet by Pokemon logic that doesn’t mean too much as that could very easily change. Now, the catch here is that many fans wanted Ash to get Grookey to help balance out his team and give him a starter from Galar. But these teasers only show Grookey and Goh and that seems to be painting a pretty clear picture.

If this does go that route this would be the first time ever in Pokemon history that Ash didn’t have at least one starter Pokemon from a new region.

We’ll have to see what happens when that episode arrives. The next batch of Pokemon Journeys in the West though arrives on March 5th!