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Pokemon Journeys Reveals The Future For Paul!

Pokemon Journeys, Netflix

One of the cruxes of Pokemon Journeys (in the good way) is that Ash is getting to see a lot of old friends, Gym Leaders, and rivals that are helping him grow even more as he sets off to best the World Coronation Series. And in the latest episode that has arrived in Japan, the fate of one of this most intense rivals has come to light, and it’s one that might actually surprise a lot of people depending on how you look at it.

Because when you list “Ash’s Greatest Rivals”, most people go straight for Gary Oak, as he was the OG and made Ash’s life miserable until they finally duked it out 1-on-1 in a League battle and Ash finally got the win. But if you ask who really pushed Ash to his limit and beyond, that answer would likely be Paul.

Paul came in Diamond & Pearl’s anime run, and he was the antithesis of Ash in every way. Ash cared deeply about every Pokemon he caught, while Paul only sought power in his Pokemon and pushed them to the breaking point. Ash even took in Paul’s abused and abandoned Chimchar and used it to defeat Paul in the Sinnoh League. Showing him that his way was wrong.

Fast forward to Pokemon Journeys, and Paul returned to help test Ash for the Master Class. And it was here that we learn that Paul has undergone quite the transformation, including going to Professor Oak in order to ask for advice and help on Pokemon. As well as the fact that he’s been asked to become a Gym Leader himself.

That is quite an interesting turn, as this would mean that Paul is going to be the “test” that many will go through if they want to complete their own journeys. It’s good to see that the show is having a lot of fun in showing off what happened to people that interacted with Ash after he left them.