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Pokemon Journeys Promo Showcases Battles and Reunions

Pokemon Journeys, Netflix

Pokemon Journeys is by and large one of the most unique series in the main Pokemon line. Mainly because it ditches the main format of the series via Ash Ketchum going and getting gym badges to take on a league, and instead has Ash and his new friend Goh traveling the world in order to learn more about Pokemon big and small. While there is a new “mission’ for Ash in regards to him being a Pokemon master, the journey truly is a major part of this experience, and the results speak for themselves.

Currently, the English dub of the Pokemon anime is on hiatus as we wait for Pokemon Master Journeys. But in Japan, Pokemon Journeys is still going strong, and they’ve been teasing a lot via recent previews. Including new trainers who are going to be on the hunt for Mew, and Ash reuniting with Iris.

A promo for another upcoming episode has released and it’s teasing quite a bit. Including Ash reuniting with both some of his fan-favorite Pokemon, as well as an old rival.

As you can see, Ash is going back to Professor Oak’s in order to check in with his Pokemon like Charizard, Bulbasaur, and Infernape. Along the way, he reunites with Gary Oak. His longtime rival turned longtime friend. It’s still unclear what Gary’s role will be, but when we left him last, he was trying to be a professor as well so perhaps he need Ash and Goh’s help on a matter.

To that end, we also see the beginnings of a battle between Ash/Infernape and the legendary firebird Moltres. It’s unclear why this battle is happening but it should be an intense one if it’s these two fire-types clashing.

We’ll have to wait and see what happens in this episode and future episodes as the journey continues.