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Pokemon Journeys Promises Epic Clash Of Pokemon Regional Powers

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One of the things that fans have really appreciated about Pokemon Journeys (and now Pokemon Master Journeys) is that despite the show having a more “scattered” approach compared to the other shows in the series, there are still a few major storylines going on throughout the episodes. One of the biggest ones is that of Ash’s rivalry with the Galar Gym leader known as Bea. They’ve clashed two times so far, and Ash has lost one fight and tied with her the next, prompting everyone to eagerly anticipate the third (and likely final) match.

In Japan, Pokemon Journeys is still going on strong, and they released a new preview that teases said third match. The catch here is that this will be a full 3-on-3 Pokemon battle, and it’s going to end with a bang as this synopsis shows:

“The battle between [Ash and Bea] begins. And as the match seesaws back and forth, they both eventually end up with one Pokemon left. [Ash] now faces [Bea] with his Mega evolved Lucario.”

This is huge for various reasons. not the least of which is that Ash has never had a mega-evolved Pokemon before, not even when he was in Kalos during Pokemon XYZ. He fought them and has beaten them multiple times, but never used one, so this will be a truly unique experience for him in a major battle like this.

Second, this will be the first time that the regional powers of Mega Evolution and Gigantamaxing have been shown against one another in the field of combat. Typically, Pokemon only focuses on what happens “in the region” and doesn’t cross-pollinate if you will. So this will be very interesting to see how the power of one compares to the power of the other.

The next batch of Pokemon episodes in the West should come out soon enough.