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Pokemon Journeys Poster Teases Who Gets Grookey

Pokemon Journeys, Netflix

The tale of Pokemon Journeys is a very interesting one. Because unlike many versions in the anime before it, the story isn’t just about Ash Ketchem trying to be a Pokemon master and defeat a bunch of gym leaders. Instead, it’s a journey throughout the Pokemon world to go and explore and see what all is out there. As well as the journey of new friend Goh as he tries to catch all the Pokemon in the world, including Mew.

Part 4 of Pokemon Journeys has arrived in the United States and fans are already getting some very interesting episodes to watch. Including the “Alola Reunion” and the main storyline of the Pokemon Sword and Shield games. However, the things that many fans are curious in are the Pokemon that both Ash and Goh will catch, because between the two of them, they’ve caught a lot, and not the Pokemon you’d think.

As is tradition, the starter Pokemon of a certain region are “major catches” and Goh already got two of them via Sobble and Scorbunny, leaving Grookey left to be caught. But in a new poster for the anime in Japan…its trainer has been revealed.

Yep, it appears for the first time ever, Ash will not get the starter Pokemon a region (in this case the Galar region) which will make fans a bit sad no doubt.

If you’re wondering why Suicune is on Goh’s side of things, it’s because he really did go and catch the mythical fan-favorite Pokemon in an earlier episode in Japan. As for those two Pokemon you might not recognize, those are the fossil Pokemon that reside in Galar. Ash gets a Dracovish, and Goh gets an Arctozolt.

All of this goes to show that things are still going strong on this journey and fans will be eager to see the localized version of the show come over so they can see how all of this goes down.