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Pokemon Journeys Launches Part 3 On Netflix

Pokemon Journeys, Netflix

Pokemon Journeys has just returned on Netflix, bringing the third part of its fan-favorite anime to bear for another 12 episodes. This installment bases isn’t entirely new to Netflix per se but it’s something that has taken a new meaning with Pokemon because in past years and networks they did the more traditional 1 episode per week, but with Netflix fans have a chance to binge some of it then have a few month break before coming back and enjoying it for another binge.

Despite the rather odd nature of the release schedule, Pokemon Journeys has been incredibly successful in various ways. Including Trending on Netflix whenever a new batch arrives, as well as revitalizing the anime in its own way. Because the story structure and feel of Journeys is unlike anything that has been done before with Pokemon (outside of miniseries that is and the movies which are mostly non-canon). The big changes are that instead of traveling to one region of the Pokemon world Ash and his new partner Goh are literally traveling back and forth throughout the Pokemon world to go on adventures, find new Pokemon and more.

Furthermore, Ash isn’t doing the typical “Gym Challenge”. Rather he’s doing a worldwide challenge where trainers battle one another to get higher rankings, and the top 8 in the world fight through a tournament to see who is the king.

The next batch of 12 episodes that have just arrived are likely going to feature some much-desired fan moments. Not the least of which is an Alola reunion from the past series that apparently is quite the heart-tugger. As well as featuring some key evolutions and some key battles with past friends and new Gym Leaders from the Galar region.

So your journey starts today! Go check out the latest batch of the Journeys now!