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Pokemon Journeys Hypes For Ash’s Next Master Class Battle

Pokemon Journeys

While we may not have realized it at the time, Pokemon Journeys had a very specific goal in mind when it came to Ash being a part of the World Coronation Series. Naturally, the “end goal” as teased many a time was that Ash wanted to go up against Leon, the champion of Galar and the overall “king” of the series. However, as we would later find out, the other trainers in the aptly named Master Class were legendary trainers one and all, including some who have faced Ash in the past. So the battles we could get in that class were exciting to think about.

In Japan, the first round of the Master Class matches have finished, and as a result of that, we know exactly who Ash is going to face in the next round, and it just so happens to be a woman whom Ash has a great deal of history and respect for: Cynthia.

Cynthia is of course the legendary champion of Sinnoh (Gen 4) and ever since her debut in the game and the anime, she’s been a fan-favorite. She’s honestly been one of (if not the) most consistent champions to “randomly appear” in Ash’s adventures, including popping up multiple times in Pokemon Journeys to help Ash out or guide him on certain adventures.

As a result of this, Ash knows exactly how strong Cynthia is, and her various abilities and skills. Beating her will be no easy task, especially with her go-to Pokemon in Garchomp, who can mega evolve to become even stronger.

Ash has his own tricks though. As he doesn’t just have mega evolution, but a Z-Move and the Dynamax evolutions. If Ash wants to get that shot at Leon, he has to make it through Cynthia, so this will be a match worth watching in every way.