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Pokemon Journeys Gets Special Trailer Highlighting New Storylines

Pokemon Journeys, Netflix

Fans for the most part have been enjoying Pokemon Journeys, the latest in the long-standing Pokemon anime. This very different take on the journey of Ash Ketchum has him with a new friend via Goh, and they’re traveling the Pokemon world as “research fellows” in order to learn more about Pokemon in general in the various regions they exist in. Granted, Ash is still doing a battling goal via the World Coronation Series and his new friend Goh has his own goal of catching all the Pokemon in the world and then catching Mew. But the journeys they have in between are just as special as their goals.

Between the dubbed and subbed episodes of Pokemon Journeys, we’ve seen all sorts of stories as well as reunions. And a new trailer for Pokemon Journeys has arrived in Japan and teased even MORE new journeys to come, including an arc called “Project Mew”

As you can see in the trailer, Ash is going to be doing some more re-connecting with his past friends and rivals and even Pokemon! As Iris from his time in Unova will be returning and battling Ash and his Dragonite (Iris loves Dragon-Type Pokemon if you recall) and he’ll also be working with and fighting alongside his original rival in Gary Oak.

But if you really peered into the trailer you’ll see even more! Such as Ash and Goh heading to what might just be the Crown Tundra from the Sword and Shield titles, going and fighting legendary Pokemon like Regiice and Moltres, and meeting a sect of trainers who seem determined to go and find Mew just as much as Goh does!

Here in the West, there is no update on when the next batch of Pokemon episodes will arrive, or what name they might be under. But when they do arrive we’ll let you know!