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Pokemon Journeys Clip Shows Off Ash and Iris Reunion

Pokemon Journeys

While Pokemon Journeys may be on “hiatus” here in the West, over in Japan, the show is very much going on and advancing the stories of both Ash and Goh as they explore and research the Pokemon world. The show has been not just creating new stories, but delving into old friendships and rivalries in regards to Ash as he battles up the World Coronation Series. He’s already battle the Lucario-trainer Korrina and the successor to Lt. Surge. And in the upcoming episodes yet to be dubbed in the US, there’s going to be set of reunions for Ash, including the return of Iris!

For those who don’t recall, Iris was a trainer that Ash met during his time in Unova. Her goal was to be the greatest Dragon Pokemon trainer out there (with some extra Pokemon on the side, of course) and when Ash left her in Unova, she was well on her to trying to do just that.

However, in Pokemon Journeys, not only are they going to reunite, Ash is going to battle her…and as this clip shows, she’s got a surprise for him.

Yep, she has become the champion of Unova. And Ash is stunned. Not the least of which was that when he tried to win that league, he failed, but Iris succeeded when she tried. But now the two are going to battle to see who is better and who deserves to get into the next class of the World Coronation Series.

The fight is between their two Dragonnites and the battle itself is said to be rather intense. The victor has already been leaked online but we won’t spoil it for you.

This will be a very fun match to see with an English Dub when it arrives later this year as a part of “Pokemon Master Journeys”.