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Pokemon Fan Discusses Ash Ketchum’s “Ungodly Strength”?

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There are many reasons that Pokemon is such an enduring franchise, but easily one of the most important reasons is the anime that has been going on for about 25 years. The main anime focuses on young Ash Ketchum and his journey to be a master of the Pocket Monsters. Throughout his journey, he’s done a lot of incredible things, but according to some things, he might honestly be as powerful, if not more powerful, than the very creatures he catches.

This comes from a fan on Twitter who notes that in the first Pokemon movie Ash goes to punch Mewtwo (who was a villain at the time) and Mewtwo shields himself. In terms of plot, it was just one way that Mewtwo could’ve blocked the attack as he’s a very powerful Psychic-type being. But the Twitter user looked at the history of the anime and found that Ash has actually showed an incredible amount of strength in regards to his team and how he’s lifted them up at times.

Some Twitter followers noted that this is proof that Ash has “ungodly strength” and thus sparked a fun debate about whether Ash is truly much stronger than an average human. And to be fair…he probably is.

Not only is he absolutely fearless and willing to do anything for his friends and partners like Pikachu, he’s shown feats that do call into question his strength. During one anime episode he actually held onto a new friend that he met while the two were trying to fight the pull of a wormhole into another dimension. That couldn’t have been easy. There’s also the times he’s endured and even resisted attacks from other Pokemon, including Pikachu’s Thunderbolt multiple times.

So yeah, while Ash may not look it, he’s a powerful guy, and maybe that’s why he’s destined to be a Master.