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Pokemon Evolutions Has Ended Its Run With Final Episode

Pokemon Evolutions

The 25th anniversary of Pokemon has had some very interesting additions and celebrations. On the gaming side of things, there were releases like NEW Pokemon Snap, Pokemon Cafe (and then its Remix) and then Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl. There were also collaborations with famous musicians for “Pokemon-themed music crossovers” that honestly had mixed results. But then, for the animated side of things, there were many major drops, including Pokemon Master Journeys,a nd the arrival of Pokemon Evolutions.

Pokemon Evolutions had a very simple premise, one in that they would journey through the eight regions of the Pokemon world and deliver special stories that focused on either well-known characters, or tell different sides to a story we might have witnessed in the video games.

The final episode recently came out, and it tells a very unique story featuring the “forgotten” main character of Green (as Pokemon Green only came out in Japan until the Leaf Green remake for the Game Boy Advanced). In the episode, Green has to go and finish her Pokedex, and there’s only one Pokemon left to go to do just that…Mewtwo. Watch the episode below.

What will be curious going forward is how people remember Evolutions as a whole. Many were hoping that it would be very much in the vein of Pokemon Twilight Wings, which focused on the Galar region and told a myriad of stories and gave depth to characters we only met in the video games. As well as having some stories with all-new characters.

While many have praised Evolutions for its visuals at times, there are some wh have criticized it for “rehashing” stories we already knew, or not diving deep enough into the stories that could have been told.

Regardless, it wouldn’t be surprising if The Pokemon Company kept the trend going and made another mini-series like Evolutions or Twilight Wings in the future.