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Pokemon Company Announces Several New Titles

New Pokemon Snap

There’s been a lot of questions as to what will come next for the Pokemon franchise. And today, the company behind the brand made a special “Presents” video to announce several new titles and updates for systems abroad.

First is a game called “Pokemon Smile”, which will feature the beloved Pocket Monsters helping children to brush their teeth by making it a game where you try and save and capture them by doing basic teeth brushing motions. This is mean to help parents who struggle with getting their children to do this activity.

Then, there is Pokemon Cafe MIx. This is a unique puzzle game where you are setting up a brand new cafe, and through interactions with your “customers” you’ll fulfill orders via puzzles and sometimes even turn a customer into a new employee! The more you do well, the more you can grow your business and the customers you can get! This title will be available for both the Switch and phone devices.

The next major title is one that many fans have been waiting for, New Pokemon Snap. This is a game that has been asked for since the first game came around on the N64 20 years ago! In the game, you’ll be going around various islands where the Pocket Monsters live, and you’ll be taking camera pictures so that you can go and explore even more lands. The game mimicks the original in many ways, except, the original only had Kanto creatures because of the timing. Whereas here all regions seem to be represented.

The team also revealed that the Sword and Shield DLC Isle of Armor is now available to get, and to celebrate, they’re having a special Max Raid Battle with legendary Pokemon Xeraora.

Finally, the team says they have ANOTHER game to announce, but they will do so next week.