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Pokemon Anime Gets Special 25th Anniversary Preview Trailer

Pokemon Master Journeys, Pokemon Journeys

In 2021, the Pokemon franchise as a whole celebrated 25 years of life, and it was a pretty awesome year full of Poke-content But now, it’s about to celebrate another 25 years, this time though, via the anime. What was meant to be an 80-episode series set solely in the Kanto region turned into a phenomenon as big as the games themselves. And now, with Journeys/Master Journeys, the anime has lasted for 25 years of episodes, movies, spinoffs, great moments, great characters, and of course, great battles.

In Japan, the 25th anniversary of the Pokemon anime will be celebrated in a special 2-part episode. In the episode, Ash returns to the Kalos region (a fan-favorite region for the anime) and has him battling one of the Elite Four of that region. All the while reconnecting with some old friends. Here are the synopsis for the two episodes:

“”Ash and Clemont! Great Friendship Training!” Set in the Kalos region, Lumiose City will be the next match venue for the [‘World Coronation Series’]. Before the match, Ash and [Goh] visit Gym Leader Clemont and his sister Bonnie, who once traveled with Ash. Ash gets special training from Clement in the form of a Pokemon battle, but something seems wrong with SirFetch’d?! And Dracovish becomes curious about SirFetch’d…”

“”[Ultra Class]! vs. Elite Four Drasna!” Ash’s opponent in the [‘World Coronation Series’] is Kalos Elite Four member Drasna, who is 12th in the [Ultra Class]. She is kind at first glance, but her fighting skills are super radical. Ash challenges the dragon-type specialist Drasna with the powered up Sirfetch’d and Dracovish! But can Ash defeat such a strong enemy? After reuniting with Clemont and Bonnie, brother and sister, who once traveled together in the Kalos region, and after special training with them, Ash will be able to see what kind of battle he shows against the Kalos Elite Four member Drasna…”

You can watch the teaser on youtube.com