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Pocket Mortys Coming From Adult Swim Games

pocket mortys

You could create a pretty hilarious Pokemon parody using Rick & Morty characters. Morty could be the nervous protagonist booted out of his house at 10 years old and shoved into a world of monsters he was expected to conquer, while Rick could pose as a passive Professor Oak, sort of watching over him while he gets pummelled. Throw in Morty’s bickering parents as Jessie and James and it would make for a brilliant spoof. Adult Swim was ahead of me on this one, revealing Pocket Mortys as a downloadable phone game to be released later this month.

pocket mortys

The announcement was made in a tweet from this afternoon, accompanied by this animated GIF showing you five seconds of gameplay. Note that instead of battling with monsters, the game appears to be monsters battling with other-dimensional Mortys. Someone asked if you had to pay to play it and Adult Swim Games replied, “The game is free to download.” Translation: you have to pay to play it.

Pocket Mortys launches for mobile devices on January 14. There is no word yet on the Pocket Mortys card game, manga and plush toys that will inevitably follow this.