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Playstation 5 Revealed: The Biggest Games, The Hottest Trailers, The Missing Drives


We have seen the Playstation 5! And now so have you. What do you think about its bright blue-and-white color scheme, its abstract shape that will make horizontal storage awkward, and its sleek controller redesign? These are worthy discussion points, but the fanbase really only has one thing on its mind…

Sony saved the biggest shocker for the VERY end of today’s hour-long video stream: the PS5 will come in two models, one of which won’t have a disc drive. Detractors will argue this is the beginning of the end for physical games, and I agree that could potentially be a bad thing in many ways. I hope the PS6 will have a drive model.

For the last few years one big complaint about Sony presentations was the lack of games…a few years ago they did one that focused on just three. They must have finally took the hint. This year’s presentation was simply PACKED with games, more than we could keep track of or remember. Was there a cartoon about teen dinosaurs or did we hallucinate that?

These big console presentations are an easy way to gauge where the industry is. For a while, they were packed with gray-colored bro shooters. Then they were mostly giant epic adventure games with lots of leaping from high places in front of slo-mo explosions. The new trend now seems to be quirky, colorful alien worlds. For instance, this game from the creators of Octodad where bugs are crawling around that look like food and if you eat them, your limbs turn into the food. Strange.

In more familiar news, Aloy is back!

We were hoping the PS5 reveal would come with a first look at a Horizon sequel, and they didn’t let us down. HORIZON: FORBIDDEN WEST sees our intrepid warrior exploring a new region of wild, roboticized America: the West Coast. Watch out for that giant fanged robo-turtle!

RESIDENT EVIL 8: YEEEEAH! Resident Evil 8 will be a direct continuation of Resident Evil 7, once again putting you in control of Ethan Winters, the protagonist of the previous game. We also saw Chris Redfield in the trailer. Capcom says RE8 wil have “a greater focus on combat and exploration compared to Resident Evil 7.” The game is due out in 2021.

SPIDER-MAN: MILES MORALES — Todd is writing about this right now, or at least, the image he just uploaded to the server would indicate he is, so I won’t elaborate. Go to his article for more.

RATCHET AND CLANK: RIFT APART — It feels like forever since we last saw the Lombax and robot join forces again, though they may not be together for long. The dimensions are going haywire and the duo can’t stop shifting from one to another. At one point Clank winds up on his own — and meets a female Ratchet! This trailer is a great example of what the PS5 will be capable of….loading this many areas, with this much going on, would chug the PS4 to a crawl.

DEATHLOOP — First revealed at last year’s E3, we got a new look at the latest game from Arkane Studios (Dishonored) today. Storywise, we didn’t learn anything new…it’s about two assassins who wind up on a resort and are stuck in a time loop where they keep killing each other. But we did find out the game will have eight main targets, who may be responsible for the loop…you must figure out how to take down all eight of them before your day resets. Expect that to happen many times!

The most distant Playstation 5 game is PRAGMATA, which will be about an astronaut and a little girl and that’s all we know. That may be all we know for a long time. The game isn’t due to be completed until 2022.

What do you think about the Playstation 5? Will you cart one home immediately or will you wait until more of these games are released? Both models of the console will be out this holiday season.