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Playstation 5 Hits November 12 For $499: New Trailers

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When Sony said they’d be streaming another special presentation this week, we hoped they would finally tell us how much the thing would cost. At the tail end, they did just that, but it’s a bit of a letdown given the “$449” rumors. It appears Sony did not respond to Microsoft at all; the more expensive model of the Playstation 5 will cost $499, same as the competition.

It isn’t competitive in terms of release date either. Sony’s launch has been set for November 12, two days after the XBox Series X and Series S will appear. You’ve not even a tiny bit worried, guys? They’ve overtaken you in the past, at least in America.

The big PS5 news was the capper of a 40-minute presentation featuring live-on-PS5 gameplay footage for several anticipated games on the console. The only one that wasn’t running on PS5 was…

BOOM! FINAL FANTASY 16 OUT OF NOWHERE! And like its predecessors, it’s a Playstation exclusive (at least for now)!

There’s been a vocal call among fans for the series to return to its roots. And what we see here feels like a response to that: there’s a big focus on crystals, castles, summoned monsters, dragons, chocobos, and the like. It even has a familiar melody scoring the presentation. Even with all that, though, we found the trailer a bit lacking.

Spider-Man: Miles Morales got an amazing gameplay demo where Miles is tasked with fighting criminals on a bridge, then saving the civilians on said bridge when it blows up. More of a spinoff than a sequel, Miles will be shorter than the original Spider-Man, but if it contains more moments like this we’ll feel satisfied.

Here’s some gameplay footage from a game you’ve probably played already: Demon’s Souls, the forerunner to the Dark Souls series. The hard-as-nails gauntlet is being rebuilt with modern graphics and will be a PS5 exclusive.

Oh boy, a new Deathloop trailer! If you enjoyed the Dishonored games as much as we did, you’ve been following this one closely. It’s the next game from that team, about an assassin stuck in a time loop who must put together an intricate plan to escape one failure at a time, while being hunted by a rival assassin (the only other one aware she is stuck in a loop). The game will be on more systems than just PS5, which is why Sony didn’t host the trailer on its channel.

Before ending the stream, Sony teased another God of War game. It’s apparently too early for even a title, but we got the words “Ragnarok Is Coming” and some dialogue from Kratos. It’ll have to do for now.

Preorders for Playstation 5 will open at select retailers tomorrow.