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Pixel Ripped Travels Back To 1995


First it was 1989 [in 2018] and now it is 1995 on the receiving end of the “Pixel Ripped” VR series with the launch of “Pixel Ripped 1995”.


In the Pixel Ripped series, Dot is a video game heroine who must protect the Pixel Stone, an artifact keeping the balance between the Game World and the Human World. As the evil Cyblin Lord – who is able to break through the video game screen and into the real world – takes the Stone’s power for himself, Dot seeks the help of a human player to beat the villain in both realms. In Pixel Ripped 1989, Dot fought alongside the rebellious British student Nicola, but now it’s time for David Keene, an unassuming nine-year-old boy from New Jersey, to prove he’s the best player from 1995.