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Pixar’s Soul Will Be Dumped To Disney+ December 25


It’s the day we’ve been dreading ever since Pixar’s next movie first slipped down the Disney release schedule…we regret to inform you Soul will not be given any kind of theatrical release; instead it will be dumped on demand.

Originally meant for June 19, 2020, Soul was moved down to November 20, 2020, but since the odds of theaters being safe again by that point are still slim, it’s been moved down to Christmas Day on Disney+. CEO Bob Chapek made the announcement a few hours ago.

Once again, and for the final time, here’s the movie plot description: Joe Gardner, played by Jamie Foxx, is an aspiring musician who dreams of one day performing at his favorite jazz club, The Blue Note. One day the club holds open auditions, and Joe nails his! But then he falls into a manhole right afterward.

Joe isn’t REALLY dead — at least not yet. But he gets so freaked out by his possible journey to the afterlife that he cuts out of line to the Great Beyond and escapes, ultimately winding up in the place souls dwell PRIOR to inhabiting a body: The Great Before. It’s here that Joe meets 22, his co-star in the picture voiced by Tina Fey. 22 really, really doesn’t care about life, the universe or anything. This blows Joe’s mind. Life is so awesome, he’s GOT to make her care. The story continues from there.

The only good news about this is that Disney isn’t pulling a Mulan and forcing you to pay extra to watch the movie. Instead Soul’s arrival on Disney+ will be more like Onward months before, where all you need is a $6.99 subscription.

Since this is a Pete Docter picture (Up, Inside Out), we have high hopes for Soul, and it’s our hope that someday, when all this is over, Disney will re-release it in theaters so we can see it as it was originally intended. We’ll even take a one-night Fathom Event if we have to.