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Pixar’s Soul Releases New Music Clip With Scences From Movie


Pixar is without a doubt one of the best animation studios on the planet. To the extent that just about every single movie they release is not only beloved, but a big deal at the box office. Due to the global pandemic, their latest film, Soul, was pushed out of theaters and is heading straight to Disney+ (their streaming service) on Christmas for people to enjoy. However, to help push the interest for the film even more, they decided to release one of the songs for the film.

Jon Batiste is the creator/singer of the song in the clip below, and he talks about why the song matters in the movie that is Soul, and how it ties into the main character of Joe Gardner in the film, a man who “lives for his music’.

You can check out the full song below as well as a glimpse of the movie.

The premise of Soul is honestly rather simple. It’s about a band teacher named Joe Garnder who lives to make music, and one day he gets the break of a lifetime by being selected to play for a Jazz group. However, as he’s celebrating he has an accident that sends his literal essence into the realm beyond.

But, not believing he’s dead, he escapes, and meets another being who hasn’t yet been sent to Earth to live their life. The two eventually discover that Joe isn’t dead, he’s just in a coma, and that he could continue to live if they find a way to get back to his body.

This is just the latest in a long line of “What If?” stories for Pixar, and it’s aiming to be a truly fun, spiritual, and musical adventure that will no doubt leave fans wondering about their own lives and what comes after.

The film releases on Disney+ at Christmas.