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Pixar Releases First Teaser For Luca


We’ve heard it often in trailers: “There’s just ONE little problem.” Everything looks normal, then the narrator says that line, and THEN the twist hits, usually the movie’s main gimmick. For years Pixar has been working on Luca, very much a “ONE little problem” movie, but they’ve kept the little problem in question under wraps until this very moment. Today we found out what it was.

The title of the movie refers to the name of a small boy who lives in a quaint little village along the Italian Riviera. One lazy summer day, he befriends a new kid and introduces him to the hottest gelato shops in town. They quickly become buddies, and have lots of fun running around and riding scooters on the hot Italian streets.

Sounds perfectly normal, right? Well, there’s just ONE little problem…

They’re squid children.

As unassuming human kids they do unassuming human things. As squid-kids they use their rubbery appendages to glide through the Riviera’s waters, and I assume they run around an arena shooting ink guns at each other while trying to cover over 50% of the area in their own color before a timer goes off.

The transformation works on Madison the Mermaid rules which means all it takes for their fishy inner selves to be revealed is to get wet. Even doing a spit take at the dinner table reveals their secret. How can they keep from being discovered?

Luca is being produced by Andrea Warren, who was previously involved with Cars 3 and the Lava short before Inside Out. The film’s director is Enrico Casarosa, who boarded for Ratatouille and was previously responsible for the Pixar short La Luna which ran before Brave. He also grew up on the Riviera and calls Luca a “deeply personal story.” We don’t think he’s really a sea monster, though. Or is he?

The release date for Luca is not revealed in the trailer, but it’s already been announced as coming out June 18. The exact method of release hasn’t been discussed yet, but we’d put our bets on a simultaneous theater & Disney+ combo.