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Pikmin, Yoshi, Mario And More From The Latest Nintendo Direct


A new Nintendo Direct livestreamed out of the Treehouse today, focusing entirely on the 3DS and filling in some holes in its current release schedule.

Unfortunately there’s a lot of wheel-spinning involved here. Half of these games are retreads of Wii U games, when they’re not additions to existing games. We know Nintendo is saving some heavy hitters for the NX, but the longer they keep hiding everything, the weaker they look….and the more likely it is that everything about the NX will be spoiled for us well before Nintendo introduces it.

Anyway, the games. You know Super Mario Maker? There’s a 3DS version coming in December. Which is great, except for one flaw: online play is a necessity for that game to find new levels, and you’re not always near a wi-fi hotspot when playing the 3DS. If you’re in the backseat of a car, you can’t do much with it. But you can at least edit new levels anywhere you go now.

Yoshi’s Wooly World will be ported to the 3DS with new levels and the addition of the awesome Poochy. That version comes out February 3, 2017, and on the same day you’ll be able to find an adorable woolen Poochy amiibo, giant tongue and all.

Hyrule Warriors: Legends is getting a new DLC pack based on Toon Link’s handheld adventures; the Link from Phantom Hourglass and the Ghost Zelda from Spirit Tracks will be playable starting today. And on December 2, Nintendo will be celebrating Zelda’s 30th anniversary with new amiibo from the franchise’s history, like a 2-pack Link and Zelda from Wind Waker and even a blocky 8-bit Link.

Pikmin are making their handheld debut at last, but not in the form that you know them. This Pikmin game will be a sidescroller. Much of the challenges Olimar and the Pikmin face will be similar to what they faced in 3D, except the angle changes the gameplay to less exploration and more action. There’s no solid date for the game yet, but it’s scheduled for 2017.

Mario has starred in many sports games over the years, but this time Nintendo is lumping them all together with Mario Sports Superstars, the 3DS card that includes new versions of Mario Tennis, Mario Baseball, Mario Golf and Mario Soccer…..and NEW Mario Horse Racing.

Everything else discussed were things Nintendo and other companies had already announced before. Enough sparse salads, Nintendo….bring on the main course. NX! NX! NX!