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Phil Spencer Doesn’t Like Idea Of Next-Gen Exclusives For Xbox and Beyond


There are many things you can say about the video game industry, but one thing that is without a doubt true is that the video game business is constantly evolving with each new generation of console and PC. With each new generation comes new technology, new ways to push things forward, and more. And with that comes new franchises and games that you can play on these new systems. But for Xbox Boss Phil Spencer, he doesn’t like that model at all.

According to Phil Spencer in an interview with GameIndustry.biz, he feels that both Sony and Nintendo are missing the point when it comes to next-gen exclusives. For in his mind, it should be just as important to support the last-gen consoles as much as possible before blasting into the next one and getting fans to buy it.

By his own words it’s “missing the point” when companies try and get you to buy a console on a “particular day” that they want you to get it just to experience it. So thus, Xbox will be co-supporting both the Xbox One and the Xbox Series X for some time before letting the Xbox One retire.

While this is an interesting concept, it’s also one fraught with problems. For example, in the first year of a new console release, this is fair. As not everyone can afford a brand new console and the games to come with it, and oftentimes the first year can be a little light with exclusives.

However, the problem here comes with intent and focus. Because if you try and balance both systems and keep them even, you’re not prompting people to try out the new device when the old one gets all the games as well and thus saves you money. Plus, developers will want to try out the new console rather than make things for the older one.

So how will this plan work? We’ll have to wait and see if it does.