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Phil Spencer Denies That Xbox Game Pass Will Come To Other Systems


One of the biggest things that have been driving consoles and their games forward over the last nearly 40 years is the console wars. Ever since the first true console war of Nintendo vs Sega, and then Nintendo vs Sony, things have gotten progressively better and more innovative. And now, with the Nintendo Switch out and dominating the world, and the Sony PS5 and Xbox Series X on the way, new innovations are surely inbound. Which led to many rumors that the Xbox Game Pass could be coming to the other systems.

However, in an interview with Game Star, Xbox head Phil Spencer denied that entirely. And not for the reason that you might be thinking. It’s not because Microsoft doesn’t want their games on other systems per se, but rather, the internet infrastructure that it would take to bring it over wouldn’t be compatible on the other systems as it stands right now.

Furthermore, Spencer notes that the other brands (even Google with Stadia) doesn’t want to even attempt to bring it all over and try and make it work. Which further puts a damper on that idea.

Some might be wondering why this rumor has been floating around at all as the Xbox Game Pass is easily one of the best things on the Xbox One currently. And the reason for that is the belief of Phil Spencer that it should be wrong to have exclusives “on one console alone”. This belief is going to transfer to the Xbox Series X where no game put on the new console won’t also be available on the Xbox One for at least the first few years. Which is an interesting business model for a new console.

Whether it works out or not is up to debate, but it seems as though the Game Pass will be sticking solely to Xbox systems and PC for the time being.