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Phil Lord And Chris Miller To Revive Clone High For MTV

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Clone High is coming back at last! You may know Hollywood geniuses Phil Lord and Chris Miller for The Lego Movie, Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse or maybe Son Of Zorn, but before any of that, their first project as fresh-faced producers was a side-splitting MTV cartoon that only lasted one season. But what a season, folks!

Way back in the 1980s, secret government employees dug up famous guys and ladies and made amusing genetic copies. The clones now live in secret within a small American town, where they are observed and experimented on. None of them are aware of any of this, though — they’re just going through typical tales of teen drama. Love! Angst! Danger! Sexy!

Abe Lincoln, voiced by Lord Miller go-to actor Will Forte, is your “hero” and “main character.” He will often launch into elaborate inspirational speeches that make little sense and miss clues that are extremely obvious. He lusts after teen beauty Cleopatra, to the consternation of….

Joan of Arc, the closest thing to a reasonable point of view in the entire school. She has a dark outlook, a sarcastic mouth and a hopeless unrequited crush on Abe. Joan is incredibly unlucky and her suffering usually goes unnoticed by everyone, except sometimes Cleo who will mock her for it.

The clone of Ghandi is Abe’s Best Dude 4-Ever and loves to party, no matter what time of day or where he happens to be, or if it’s appropriate for the situation at all. Ghandi wound up getting the original run cancelled when an outraged group in India, believing this to be a mocking portrayal of the real Mahatma, picketed the Indian MTV headquarters. Now that everyone knows the actual Ghandi used to beat and abuse women, I’m sure no one will mind if he’s mocked now.

Cleopatra is vain, selfish, self-serving and just about every other adjective you could think of. She treats everyone like garbage and expects absolute worship in return. Abe, mesmerized by her body, is only too happy to give that worship to her. She’s repulsed by Ghandi, who once gave her his left kidney.

The clone of JFK is closest to his real-world counterpart, a womanizing stud who conquered the moon. He’s a thick-headed beef-jock who views all ladies as targets for his crotch. JFK has a running gag where he will spout a piece of crude innuendo, then carefully explain why what he just said was innuendo in case anyone didn’t get it. For supper, he wants a party platter.

Scudworth is your favorite character. Posing as Clone High’s principal, his real goal is to monitor the clones for the Board Of Shadowy Figures, the dark and sinister government organization that initiated the clone project. They would like to use the clones for war puirposes; Scudworth has an amusement park called “Cloney Island” in mind. Cinnamon’s sidekick, Mr. Butlertron, ls literally Mr. Belvedere in robot form and calls everybody “Wesley.”

Getting Beavis and Butt-Head and Daria…er, Jodie back are great, but Clone High is one of my favorite TV programs OF ALL TIME and I never thought I would see the day there would be hope for another season. If you squint during a scene in Into The Spider-Verse you can see Abe and JFK on a poster for a “Clone College” movie, proving the scene took place in an alternate dimension where the series kept going.

The show has no re-premiere date set.