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Peter Griffin has joined Fortnite

Peter Griffin is set to conquer Fortnite.

Peter Griffin of “Family Guy” is the latest character skin to be added to Fortnite….which is a sentence few ever expected to see written. The always expanding “guest character” additions to Fortnite’s meant it wasn’t impossible, but the legendary “Battle Royale” video game is known for additions of characters more “physically fit” in appearance (from Batman to Lara Croft to the Predator).

In the recently released Youtube promo video showcasing Peter’s addition, the “weight challenged” character seems to acknowledge his shortcomings for surviving in a “Battle Royale” universe. Peter is seen consulting with Fortnight character “Meowscles” on “How to get ‘Swole'”, but Peter balks at the initial “fitness regimens” offered by the buff cat. However, when Meowscles offers Peter a bottle of “Slurp” Juice, Peter transforms into a muscled “action movie” version of himself.

The addition of the star of “Family Guy” also includes several nods to the series, including the infamous “Petercopter” and Peter’s dancing to “Bird is the World”. Also, when Peter’s character gets killed in the game, he falls down and clutches his knee, moaning in pain (a reference to the “Peter hurts his knee” meme).

The character was added in the recent Fortnight “Chapter 5, Season 1” update, alongside “Solid Snake” of the “Metal Gear Solid” video game franchise, but the famed mercenary doesn’t need any “Slurp” to join in.

Now it’s just a waiting game to see how long it takes before Homer Simpson officially joins the game.