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Persona 5 Trademarks Renewed?

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There are times when a video game franchise can exist while being a “cult favorite” or a “hidden gem” if you will because it sells well enough. Then, along comes a title in their line that explodes and suddenly EVERYONE wants to go and play it. For the Persona franchise, that breakout title was Persona 5. Because when it came out with its stylish looks, deep gameplay, and fun story, people couldn’t help but notice, even getting nominated for Game of the Year at a bunch of places.

Then, when Persona 5 Royal came out and improved the game even further, many noted that it was something truly legendary. Usually, this would be the end of the game’s story because others would focus on the potential for a Persona 6 (which is totally happening) and other things. But, with this particular Persona title, there are those who feel it has unfinished business. Mainly in that the game feels like it should be on other consoles and systems and not rooted onto the PlayStation. Fans have been BEGGING for it to be ported…and they might be getting their wish.

While not solid confirmation of anything, all the trademarks for the game have been renewed as noted on Twitter:

At first, this may not seem like anything at all. But here’s the deal, to renew a trademark like this means you’re going to be using that item in the future for something. And no, it’s not simply to “keep selling the game” on the Playstation, you don’t need to renew trademarks for that.

So yeah, there’s clearly something going on here, but what? Is it a port? Is it maybe an anime adaptation of Persona 5? Could it be something else we’re just not thinking of? It’s hard to say, but this news does have a lot of fans excited.