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"Peach Girl" Vol. 2: The Train Just Keeps Derailing


Momo, the star of our show, has had more relationship developments by her sixteenth birthday—hell, on her sixteenth birthday—than I’ve had by my twenty-second. She’s relatively content in a relationship with Toji, and hasn’t seen much of her one-time-ally Kairi. Yet, she sees way too much of her nemesis, Sae, who has nothing better to do than try and ruin Momo’s life as she tries to hook up with Toji by using this new model guy to distract Momo.

Confused? You won’t be, after this episode of… Soap. No, actually, you will be, after this disc of Peach Girl.

Remember how crazy things were last volume? Momo was with Toji, Toji was with Sae, Sae wanted to team up with Kairi, Kairi wanted Momo, Momo almost dated Kairi…

Crazy high school hook-ups.

Thankfully, things slow down in this volume, as we get a semblance of normalcy. Wrapping up where the last disc left us, “Sudden Death At Love” temporarily ends the in-Sae-nity. When a confrontation between the two explodes in the lunchroom, Sae’s former victims point out their history. After a rousing round of the class yelling for Momo to get on her knees and apologize, I woke up from the dream of Momo on her knees… waitaminute, never mind.

“A Brief Love Sign” is the closest we’ve come to a status quo episode. Toji and Momo are happily dating, even though Momo wants to kiss him more. Since they’re both incredibly awkward with their feelings, Momo comes up with a signal to point out that they love each other.

“Fame Isn’t Enough” and “The Destruction Of Pure Love” bring Sae back full force. After Momo tries to be nice to the self-destructive Sae, the two get randomly featured in a fashion magazine, with Sae becoming the star of the show. From there, she hooks up with a rich model guy and becomes the star of the school again. In an incredibly convoluted scheme, somehow Sae manages to ruin Momo’s birthday by being both her doppleganger and setting her up with her fake-boyfriend.

Follow that? I sorta did. While the actions half the characters make are just completely idiotic—Yes, Momo, going to see Sae’s boyfriend to make him not break up with her, despite the fact he’s just given you evil looks and is unsupervised? Great freakin’ idea—it’s like a scary movie. You want to yell at the characters for making idiotic moves. Just like the last volume, it’s a train wreck, and you can’t stop watching. On top of the turns, the characters actually get different hairstyles once in a while, which is a little step towards realism that you don’t see often.

Extras include one interview with Sae’s Japanese voice actor. They could have probably gotten something out of the English cast, but that would be too logical.

The show’s far from perfect, but it’s certainly enjoyable in it’s bizarreness.

Episodes included on Peach Girl Volume 2:
Episode 6: “Sudden Death At Love”
Episode 7: “A Brief Love Sign”
Episode 8: “Fame Isn’t Enough”
Episode 9: “The Destruction Of Pure Love”