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PAX West: Revelations From The Fire Emblem Warriors Demo

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What new tidbits of info can be gained from the Fire Emblem Warriors demo currently running at PAX West? And is there finally a definitive date for when the game comes out?

Gamexplain was allowed to capture ten minutes of footage from the Switch version of the demo. As we’ve pointed out earlier, Fire Emblem Warriors is much like Hyrule Warriors from 2015, or more accurately like the long-running Dynasty Warriors series both games are spun off from. Your main goal in all incarnations of the Warriors series is to mow down gigantic hordes of enemies as quickly as possible. Characters from across the Fire Emblem library will be playable in Warriors, including Marth, Leo, Takumi, Robin, Hinoka, Chrom and Camilla.

The demo video features Hinoka, Camilla, Xander and Takumi in battle at once; three are controlled by AI while one is controlled by the player. You can give directions to the other players by altering their battle strategies via an on-screen map that shows the current state of the fight in real time. While playing, you must keep one eye on that map in case your teammates get in trouble. In the event one of them is overwhelmed, the character the player controls can be switched on the fly.

As with Hyrule Warriors before it, Fire Emblem Warriors is a cross-platform relase — it will be out for Nintendo Switch AND Nintendo 3DS at once. Last time we reported on the game, we didn’t have a US release date. Now we do: look for it October 20.