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PAX East: Weaponize Zombies In Moving Hazard


Zombies are generally regulated to the role of being killed by people in various mediums. In fact, it’s the crux of many post-apocalyptic stories. But in a twist, a game called Moving Hazard aims to make zombies not so much a target, but an ally.

While it’s true that the game features first-person shooting from a “live” character, the point of this game is to turn the zombies around you into weapons, or even shields. A demo was shown at PAX East, and focused on the 2v2 King of the Hill matchup. What was shown as gamers played was that the “standards” one would expect from the title doesn’t work as it applies to zombies. Probably because zombies are brainless and need guidance, whereas live players can use instinct or common sense to prevail.

The various tools and gear you get in the game will allow you to control the zombies, but only to an extent, you have to be creative in order to get them to do what you want. One match proved that an unorthodox style is more preferable to the “locks” of games like Call of Duty.

Moving Hazard aims to release this summer, and can be tested on Steam Early Access.