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PAX East: Warcraft Director Talks About Upcoming Film


The upcoming Warcraft movie is highly anticipated, but there is a nervousness around whether the film will capture what makes Warcraft and World of Warcraft so special. At a panel at PAX East, the director and one of the stars of the film spoke about how the movie will be true to the history and lore of the video games.

Key among this is that this isn’t going to be a “good versus evil” story, it’s more evolved than that:

“What Blizzard has always done well is draw from things that we feel liike we know very well, whether J.R.R. Tolkein, Marvel Comics or Star Wars, and synthesize those and turn them into something new,” Jones said. “Warcraft will introduce the idea of heroes on all sides. It’s two different perspectives on a conflict and a war that’s unavoidable.” notes director Duncan Jones

For both director and actors, this was apparently a very fun film to make on a very nerdy level:

“There’s an inherent joy in this film because so many of us are gamers,” actor Robert Kazinsky said. “We’re telling the story in the way that it’s meant to be told, but there still are a lot of fun little moments.”

Warcraft arrives June 10th.