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PAX East: Furi Is a AAA Boss Fight In An Indie Game


For indie game companies, it can be hard to make a full fledged game with limited team members and resources. For Emeri Thao and his team at Game Bakers, they decided to just make one aspects of a AAA title, and do it very, very, well.

Enter Furi, a fighting game that is all about the boss fights, and nothing else.

“It’s a boss fight like a duel rather than a boss fight that you’re used to,” said Thao, “We wanted to do one thing, but do it great. We can’t be a AAA game, but we can make a AAA boss fight and do a triple indie game.”

Indeed it is, as this “duel” is an almost literal one. One that lasts a long time if not played smartly. As both you and your opponent are asked to whittle down health, and play smartly in order to get an advantage. In fact, so deep are these boss fights, that after each one (save for the final one), you get a long break as you literally walk to the next one:

“We call it the path,” Thoa said. “You walk and the music ramps up as you walk toward the arena and a character tells you about the boss who is waiting for you, the backstory and tips. The battles themselves are very intense, very hectic and between them, you need a breather.”

What makes this game truly unique is the visual style and the music. The characters are all made by Takashi Okazaki, the creator of Afro Samurai. As for the music, it’s a blast of electro pop that keeps you on the edge of your seat as you fight.

“Music is a big part of the game,” Thoa said. “Each level has music made by a famous electro musician.”

The game itself is said to be 8-10 hours long, and only comprised of boss fights. To show the true intensity that this game can bring, check out this unedited boss fight from Furi: