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PAX East: Cuphead Gets Easy Mode And Shop


PAX East marked the first time since E3 2015 that Cuphead has been viewed by audiences. The game wowed at E3 with its old-school Disney style visuals, as well as its brutal difficulty.

IGN got to play with Cuphead creator Chad Moldenhauer, who not only gave commentary during the experience, but revealed new details about title.

Mainly, there’s a shop where you can spend currency earned from defeating bosses. In this shop, you can buy and equip battle power-ups, such as an extra hit point, a charm that lets you dash invulnerably, then there’s a homing beacon that nudges every shot you take towards your target, along with many more.

Finally, an Easy Mode has been added to the game. Which if the track record of people who have played the game is to be believed, is a blessing.