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Patrick Star Lands Star Vehicle (His Own Spinoff)

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Well, this is interesting. News just broke from Deadline that after over twenty years of sidekickdom, Patrick Star is pursuing a solo act free from Spongebob and other such characters in his own spinoff series.

What would such a show be like? Deadline says “The Patrick Star Show is in the vein of The Larry Sanders Show and Comedy Bang! Bang!, with Patrick (voiced by Bill Fagerbakke) hosting his own late-night talk show.” They also mention that Patrick’s family will be heavily involved and you might see characters from the original series pop in from time to time.

If it’s just Patrick doing Patrick-like things for hours and hours, he may not be rich enough a character to support such weight. If they’re talking something more like Space Ghost Coast To Coast, with Patrick in SG’s old chair…we could see that working.

Nickelodeon president Brian Robbins said in early 2019 that the network was looking into Spongebob spinoffs, now that the spinoff-resistant Stephen Hillenburg was in the ground and couldn’t stop them (the truth isn’t pretty). He said spinoffs plural, and he meant it: The Patrick Star Show joins the already-announced Kamp Koral, a CG-animated 13-episode series confirmed for a CBS All Access debut in the future.

What is unknown at the moment is where THIS show is planned to wind up. Neither Nickelodeon nor its parent company’s streaming service CBS All Access have been confirmed…however, we can’t see something like a Patrick talk show airing on Nick itself, even if the channel has been 90% Bikini Bottom for at least a decade. It’s also possible that The Patrick Star Show is meant for the nameless, even bigger, even louder streaming service that CBS’s new owners Viacom are planning right now.

More information about The Patrick Star Show will be released in the coming months.