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Patent Suggests A Wireless SNES Controller Is Coming For Switch


Could Nintendo Switch Online subscribers soon have the option of buying an authentic working replica of the Super NES controller? Could they also soon have the option of actually playing something that wasn’t on the NES?

A recently filed patent from Nintendo was discovered today by a user of the ResetEra forums. Registered with the Federal Communications Commission, the included photos are mostly confidential except for one: the backside of the registered device. It’s a controller in a very familiar shape, with extra buttons on the top that could be ZL and ZR.


Also note the model number: HAC-042. HAC is the prefix on all model numbers for Nintendo Switch-related devices. It’s pretty clear what this is intended for.

Late last year, Nintendo released working NES replica controllers through the Nintendo Switch Online website. They are still for sale, they’re only for NSO subscribers, and their purpose is the service’s lineup of NES games, which grows by two or three titles per month. Many Switch enthusiasts have grown tired of this new “vault” approach to Nintendo’s back catalog, and a solid majority of them wish we could just have the Virtual Console back.

But if Nintendo is finally planning to add SNES games, it’s at least a baby step in the right direction. Hopefully NSO will get to Gamecube games before Switch 2 is released, but at the current snail’s pace, the odds are against us there.