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Paramount’s “Rumble” Pile-Driven Onto Streaming Service


Did you know an animated movie about monsters wrestling each other was allegedly due out in two months? Not many people do. Paramount’s Rumble hasn’t had much buzz around it, which may have factored into the studio’s decision to pull its theatrical plans this morning. The movie was just announced for a Paramount+ release instead, at a date much sooner than its cinematic release would have been.

The city of Stoker is the birthplace of Monster Wrestling and hosted many intense matches between giant, scaly creatures…but that was a while ago. In the time this movie is set in, Stoker’s glory days are long past it. The city has become run down and hasn’t hosted a monster wrestling championship in ages…but Winnie, a wannabe monster wrestling coach, thinks she can bring everything back.

She’s gonna need a good candidate for the ring, but it sure doesn’t seem like it’s Steve, a lazy, out of shape monster who needs a lot of work. He’s the best she can find, though, and they form a workout plan to whip him into fighting shape by the time of the next tournament. It won’t be easy because he’s fifty times her size.

The voice cast for Rumble naturally includes announcer Michael Buffer, but it also has Terry Crews, Geraldine Viswanathan, Stephen A. Smith, Jimmy Tatro, Tony Danza, Susan Kelechi Watson, Tony Shalhoub, Bridget Everett, Greta Lee, Ben Schwartz, Joe “Roman Reigns” Anoa’i, Becky Lynch and Charles Barkley (wonder who Barkley is playing).

Rumble was directed by Hamish Grieve from a screenplay by Grieve and Matt Lieberman. It was produced by Brad Booker and Mark Bakshi, with Steve O’Brien, Chuck Peil, Frank Smith, Naia Cucukov, Jeff Fierson, Susan Levison, and Richard Lowell on the long list of executive producers. The movie slams onto Paramount+ December 15.