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Paper Mario The Origami King Producer Talks Desire For New Experiences

Paper Mario The Origami King

Paper Mario The Origami King is the next major first-party title coming to the Nintendo Switch. It’s the 6th or 7th entry in the series of Paper Mario depending on whether you count the Mario & Luigi collaboration Paper Jam. But either way, it’s the next major console title in the series that has had some serious highs and lows over its lifetime. And Origami King seems to be in line more with recent titles in the brand…and fans aren’t exactly happy about that.

The reason for this is very simple. The first two Paper Mario titles were more in line with pure turn-based RPG titles. Thousand Year Door (the second game in the franchise) is beloved because of that take on the genre in terms of gameplay, story, and more. It’s a classic game to this day. But since then, the series has tried to change the perception of the brand by having it go from a platformer-focused title in Super Paper Mario, to a sticker collecting game in Sticker Star, to a paint game in Color Splash, and now, a ring-based combat system and fighting stationary in Paper Mario The Origami King.

Speaking with Game Informer, Nintendo producer Kensuke Tanabe talked about why this was. He noted that to him, the important thing wasn’t to cash in on what made the past games great, but to create “new experiences” for gamers. To bring “new surprises” that they aren’t expecting to try and enhance the measure of things. Which is why The Origami King is the way it is in terms of gameplay, the characters following Mario, and more.

The problem here is that fans have been asking for a return to form for years, especially after the outright failure of Paper Mario Color Splash (which didn’t even sell 200,000 units). So for them to ignore that and make Origami King in the vein of the failed titles is rather curious.

We’ll see how it plays out when Paper Mario The Origami King arrives on July 17th.