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Paper Mario The Origami King Gets New Gameplay Demo

Paper Mario The Origami King

In terms of big-name games that are coming out in the next little while, easily the biggest (or at least the biggest for the Nintendo crowd) is Paper Mario The Origami King, which will arrive on the Nintendo Switch on the 17th. To help get people hyped for the announcement, Nintendo held a Treehouse Live show that featured a 30-minute demo of the game and had some of the treehouse crew explaining what to expect in the game.

The demo starts with them at the beginning of the title, with Mario and Luigi going to Toad Town and immediately realizing that something was up. They jump later to some of the more open-world segments of the game where you can help “fill in the world” with confetti to reveal certain things, free Toads to get new shops and abilities, and more.

They also went into more detail about the “Ring System” of battle, where you have Mario try and line up enemies so he can kill them all in a clean sweep.

As they progressed they showcased how you work your way through the open world towards 5 sections that have streamers that are holding up Princess Peach’s castle. Once you reach those points you’ll fight one of the ‘Stationary Gang” and have to do a complex set of board moving in order to get them to hurt themselves. It’s very atypical.

The big question is whether this will help Paper Mario The Origami King sell well. It’s a bit up in the air right now as most fans aren’t impressed with what’s being shown, and while there are some positive elements to the title (like the open world and continuing the paper aesthetic), the departure from the RPG style is something that fans are still sad about.

We’ll see what happens when the game releases next week.