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Paper Mario The Origami King Gets Commercial

Paper Mario The Origami King

As we get ever closer to the middle of July, so to do Nintendo Switch owners gets closer to finding out just how good Paper Mario The Origami King is. This is the latest entry in the franchise that has delighted and frustrated fans over its many entries, and the Origami King has gotten some mixed reviews from those finding out news about it and watching various clips. Nintendo seems to want to belay that feeling with a commercial that shows what the game is about.

Those who have seen the various story trailers and clips from previous posts on Twitter and Youtube will not see much new here (outside of the ability to pet the Chain Chomp) but it is important to note that Nintendo is giving Paper Mario The Origami King its full attention via this commercial, which is important in its own right.

You can watch the commercial below:

For those who want more of an overview of the game, the title will feature an Origami King coming to the Mushroom Kingdom and trying to take it over, even stealing Princess Peach’s Castle. To get it back, Mario and allies he will find along the way will go to 4 different areas to detach special strings holding up the castle and thus save the day.

The battle system for Paper Mario The Origami King is one of a ring-based system that will require players to move things in the right way in order to win the battles in quick timing. Boss battles will feature stationary as the bosses themselves.

Fans are truly unsure of what to make of this game. On one hand they’re happy that Paper Mario is on the Nintendo Switch, but this title is far from what they feel is best for the franchise.

We’ll find out who’s right on July 17th.