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Paper Mario The Origami King Announced For Nintendo Switch

Paper Mario The Origami King

The Mario franchise is one that is full of various spinoffs and takes on the characters of the Mushroom Kingdom and beyond. But one of these spinoffs that has gotten a fanbase all their own is the Paper Mario saga. The games started out on the N64, then hit is peak with The Thousand Year Door on the Gamecube, Super Paper Mario came next on the Wii, and after that the games really started to fall away from what the fans wanted. Now, Nintendo has announced the latest installment in the franchise via Paper Mario The Origami King.

The game is set to arrive in just about two months, as it’ll come to Nintendo Switch on July 17th. The premise of the game is that an invitation to an origami festival by Princess Peach reveals that she and much of the rest of the Mushroom Kingdom has been “folded” by the nefarious King Olly of the Origami Kingdom. He’s bent on making the Mushroom Kingdom his own, and in his own image. To that end, he even folded up Bowser and his minions in order to make him do his bidding.

Now, Mario must team up with friends, allies, and even old enemies like Bowser Junior in order to save the kingdom from its folded fate.

Some of the new mechanics that Paper Mario The Origami King players can expect are new puzzles that can be solved via “1000 Fold Arms, as well as a new turn-based, ring-based battle system that is aimed to test both strategy and quick thinking.

Whether this is the Paper Mario game that fans are hoping for is a bit up in the air, as it does keep with the gimmicks that fans didn’t like, but potentially is bringing back a more RPG-focused battle system. Only time will tell.