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Paper Mario Producer Reaffirms Desire To Keep Changing Battle System


Nintendo has fans asking a lot of questions about their intent in the year that is 2020. Mainly in that a lot of the things that they are doing are either very odd, very confusing, or are downright not listening to the fans. And a great example of this is the Paper Mario franchise. The Origami King recently came out to middling reviews that praised the games looks and more open-world feel, but the combat was either hit or miss with critics and fans.

Which brings us to the fan desire to return Paper Mario to the way it was originally via the Nintendo 64 title or Thousand Year door, the most beloved entries in the franchise. But as producer Kensuke Tanabe told PC Games, that’s not really going to happen. Mainly because it’s his personal belief that they need to “keep innovating” the games, especially in regards to the combat system. So thus, as he noted in the interview, he feels that they’re going to keep changing the combat system in every game.

This is dangerous for various reasons. Not the least of which was that Sticker Star (the game that really started changing things for the worse) may have sold the best, but it was the most panned title by both critics and gamers. Then the system changed again for Color Splash, and it was the worst selling of the franchise. The Origami King might break a million (it’s unknown at present) but it’s unlikely to match previous sales heights.

So these innovations aren’t bringing in sales, which again rounds things back to doing what the fans desire and making it more like the original Paper Mario and Thousand Year Door. Nintendo seems unnaturally hesitant to make that happen, and many fans are heartbroken because of this.

What does Nintendo have against this franchise?