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Pacific Rim The Black Netflix Series Gets First Trailer

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The Pacific Rim franchise is a very curious one when you really think about it. The first one was meant to be a very different tale on massive robots and Kaiju and had a very cult following thanks to its director in Guillermo Del Toro. A second movie was made starring Jon Boyega and there were other things like spinoff books and graphic novels. And now, Netflix is bringing the franchise back once more with an anime coming in March.

Pacific Rim: The Black takes place after the first two films, and the synopsis for the show even references the time when the rift opened and Kaiju poured into the world only to meet resistance via the “gigantic robots” known as the Jaegars. But “that time has passed now”. However, the rift opens again, and all of Australia is ransacked via monsters and thus the population of the continent is evacuated.

However, two siblings in Taylor and Hayley refuse to leave until they find their mom and dad. To do so, they enter a battered old Jaegar and try to get it to work to fight off the monsters and find their missing folks.

Despite the show not having been released yet, there is already word that this show will last two seasons on Netflix. Which is rather curious because usually Netflix waits to see how a show will do before giving a surefire renewal. But clearly they have faith in this series.

The other reason for its out-of-character renewal is that this is apparently going to be one of the most expensive anime shows that Netflix has ever tried to do. So limiting it to two seasons might help mitigate expenses.

Either way, we’ll find out how things go when the show releases on Netflix on March 4th. Be ready to initiate the drift.